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Announcing: Partner-Built Destinations

Sharrifah Lorenz
Sharrifah Lorenz September 21, 2023

Sharrifah is the Head of Partnerships at Census, overseeing both Technology Alliances and Solutions Partners. She is passionate about data and developer tooling and helping companies scale through partners.

Depending on which source you consult, there are between 30,000 and 70,000 SaaS companies worldwide. Right now. Like the universe and spacetime, the footprint of SaaS appears to be expanding infinitely in all directions.

If you’re working at one of these SaaS companies, you’re building a future we want to see – where everyone can use software they love. However, it also means you’re figuring out the same problem as each of your SaaS peers: integrating with your customer’s data and technology stacks.

Today, we’re excited to announce Census's Partner-Built Destination (PBD) program, enabling you to turn your SaaS app into a first-class destination for Data Activation. Census is the #1 Data Activation platform, powered by Reverse ETL, that connects a data warehouse to all your customer's business tools.

The best part? Every certified Partner-Built Destination sits alongside our Census-built destinations and becomes available for all customers. 

Common Room, a Partner-Built Destination, is available for all Census customers alongside other popular destinations.

Partner-Built, Census-Certified Destinations

PBD integrations appear within the Census product just like Census-built destinations, but are tagged as “Partner-Built.” PBD integrations meet the same quality standard as Census-built integrations, with rigorous testing for ease of use, performance, and API error handling.

With PBD, you have a turnkey solution to get data into your product without building and maintaining a web of native integrations. Instead of building 15+ point-to-point integrations with other SaaS solutions, a Census integration lets you immediately connect centralized data in your customer’s data warehouse into your app (a hub-and-spoke approach). 

We’re thrilled to work with our launch partners Statsig, Common Room, Blueshift, and Enterpret. These partners are already powering wide-ranging workflows on top of the data warehouse for mutual customers like Figma, Webflow, and Camunda.

Here’s how some of our launch partners have empowered their customers to leverage more data and personalize customer engagement with their new Partner-Built Destination.


Statsig is a leading feature flagging and experimentation platform, and with the new Statsig destination, customers can ingest data into Statsig from any supported warehouse to analyze metric uplifts from feature releases and experiments.  

Common Room

Common Room is a user-led growth platform that allows go-to-market teams to spot high-intent user actions across product usage, community & social channels, and CRM activity, and turn those actions into revenue. With the new destination, customers can now pull in data from their data warehouse to combine user activity in their product with the rest of the customer journey—community conversations, activity across social channels, CRM and marketing activity—all in one place.


Through unified data, cross-channel orchestration, intelligent decisioning, and unmatched scale, the Blueshift cross-channel marketing platform gives brands all the tools they need to seamlessly deliver 1:1 experiences in real-time across the entire customer journey. Using this connector, Blueshift customers will be able to ingest multi-dimensional data tables and views from all major Cloud data warehouses through an intuitive user interface, to drive richer 360-degree customer profiles and granular personalization in Blueshift.


Enterpret unifies all customer feedback automatically and categorizes it accurately using machine learning models to empower product teams to build what matters. Connecting Census to Enterpret allows teams to sync Customer 360 data from their warehouses to unify customer intelligence, analyze product feedback, and drive business outcomes. 

More SaaS? No Problem

Our mission is to enable everyone to have access to trusted data so they can take action and automate their business. In our view, that means activating the data living in the data warehouse and using it to power engagement in every business tool. It’s critical that we ensure seamless integrations that support all of our customers’ most important use cases.

Our vision is that the Partner-Built Destination program cultivates a vibrant ecosystem of partners building high-quality Census destinations to support any long-tail use case. At a practical software engineering level, we hope it saves software teams from the burden of point-to-point integration maintenance.

To get started with the Partner-Built Destination program, head over to our Custom Destination API documentation for an initial review of technical requirements, and please send us an email at Once built, we’ll review your integration. After the integration is approved, it will sit alongside our Census-built destinations and become available for all customers.

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