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Census + Mixpanel: Enriching our user profiles for deeper interactive analysis

Mar 17, 2021
Boris is co-founder and CEO of Census, helping companies sync customer data across business systems. Previously, he founded Meldium, a YC-backed password manager for teams, which was acquired by LogMeIn. He enjoys speaking and writing about technology, helping other startup founders, and angel investing.

At Census, we’ve seen companies activate all sorts of data in order to make their business teams more productive. We’ve seen marketers take in product usage data in order to tailor their marketing campaigns to customers that have specific characteristics. We’ve seen customer support agents pro-actively reach out to their customers based on data they have in Zendesk. Interestingly enough, One of the most powerful strands of data that we’ve seen data engineers put to good use: event data. Be that clicks, views, or really, any type of activity in your app, it often acts as a window into what your users and customers deem valuable in your services.

How that data is used can pay dividends, but ordering them chronologically can only do so much. A long term customer test out a new feature for the first time? Great, but what does that mean? What if the new feature was added by your customer’s 50th user, which you know is correlated with a high potential for an upsell? Could you act on that?

Indeed, individual events are powerful, but tying them together to correlate behavior to signals that your business teams can act upon is even more groundbreaking. As we’ve seen, amalgamating a stream of events is important, but triggering workflows is even more important - it allows business to be proactive rather reactive to what their customers and users are doing.

From noting down events to activating your event intelligence

To enable customers to do more with their events data, we’re thrilled to partner with Mixpanel to release an integration that makes any major cloud warehouse the data source for Mixpanel. Whether you use Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Postgres, or Databricks to store your event data, you can use that same data in Mixpanel. No separate SDK required.

Our partnership is especially useful for marketers who are looking to clean or enrich events data before sending them to tools like Mixpanel. We also support sending data to User Profile to improve the reporting you can in Mixpanel, for example, building cohorts based on computed attributes or insights from your data science teams. This gives product teams the ability to analyze trusted data from the company’s source of truth within all of Mixpanel’s interactive reports. Doing custom funnel, flow, cohort, and retention analysis only takes a few clicks.

What's Next

Check out our joint integration! Start a trial and feel free reach out to our respective teams:

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