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Census and MotherDuck: Birds of a Feather | Census

John Bourous
John Bourous June 22, 2023

John is the Partner Marketing Manager at Census. With 11+ years of experience scaling client services and strategic partnerships at growth-stage SaaS companies, he has extensive expertise across both adtech and martech stacks.

‎We’re very excited to announce our newest source integration, MotherDuck! 🦆 

At Census, one of our goals is to meet data teams where they are operating. Increasingly, data teams are flocking to DuckDB (recently reached 10,000 stars on GitHub) for its simplicity and speed.

DuckDB is a free and open-source in-process OLAP database developed and maintained by the DuckDB community and DuckDB Foundation. MotherDuck is a DuckDB-based cloud analytics service built in close partnership with the team at DuckDB Foundation.

We’re big fans 👏 ‎of DuckDB at Census (we use it ourselves!), so when the MotherDuck team approached us about integrating with their product, we jumped at the opportunity.

Now, data teams can use Census to sync 360-degree customer data from MotherDuck to 200+ business tools, empowering their marketing teams and delighting their customers.😊

How to connect Census to MotherDuck

  • ‎Enter your service token and click “Connect.”
  • You’re all set! Head over to the “Syncs” page to start activating your data.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at Get a 15-minute onboarding of Census, or start your free trial today!