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Census Sync: What’s New in February Monthly Recap

Katy Yuan
Katy Yuan February 28, 2022

Katy is a Product Marketing Manager at Census who loves diving into startups, SaaS technology, and modern data platforms. When she's not working, you can find her baking, PC gaming, or playing Ultimate Frisbee. San Francisco, CA

🎉 We’re recapping one of Census’s most exciting months ever! February was jam-packed with our milestone $60M Series B, new platform features like Census Segments and Live API Inspector, and the launch of our OA Club Slack community.

🔗 Also, new destination connectors! In addition to the common sales, marketing, and support use cases companies use Census for, we now support project management use cases. The first destination we’ve launched is Asana, which helps teams automatically generate and update tasks in Asana from data and logic in the warehouse to automate task management.

🎁 A final shoutout to Census’s new G2 profile, plus a 💳 gift card for any customers kind enough to leave us a review.

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Series B: The future of Operational Analytics

In early February we were thrilled to announce our $60M Series B to make Operational Analytics a reality for everyone. 🎊The round was led by Tiger Global and Insight Partners, with participation from Sequoia and Andreessen Horowitz, bringing our total amount raised to just over $80M. 🙌

Last year, we added hundreds of customers around the world. If that includes you, thank you for your support! They've connected thousands of apps and collectively sync billions of records today.For more, check out this blog from Boris Jabes, our CEO, on how we plan to accelerate our growth and double down on the vision for Census to act as the central nervous system for all data, all organizations, and all use cases.

The future of operational analytics starts now – join us!

New Platform Features: Census Segments and API Inspector!

There’s something this month for both business ops teams and data teams 🤝

👷🏽 Census Segments for Marketers: Build audiences without SQL

Marketers, we hear you! With Census Segments, spend more time experimenting and less time uploading CSVs. Build audiences once, sync them everywhere!Segments provides an intuitive visual segment builder to help you build personalized audiences with all the rich data available in your warehouse. Connect to a whole suite of marketing and advertising connectors and update all your audiences and segmentation lists from a single place.💡 Use cases: Find lookalike audiences based on top spending customers, segment audiences by persona, and target highly engaged users with specific campaigns.

Check out the blog for the full announcement.

🕵️ Live API Inspector for Data Teams: Full visibility to debug sync errors

We’re giving you the ability to play Data Detective…but hoping you don’t need to!

As part of our commitment to end-to-end observability and transparency, we’ve added a Live API Inspector to help data teams debug issues when your API calls aren’t behaving the way you expect them to.The inspector provides a detailed breakdown (down to a specific row of data!) of the API calls in your sync. This allows you to monitor, inspect, and fix sync errors, all in real time.

🥇 We support API Inspector on 90% of our connectors, more than any other reverse ETL platform out there, and all data formats (JSON, CSV, and plain text). We work everywhere, all the time!

Read the blog for more, or check out the product doc for supported destinations.

OA Club Community: Operational Analytics for All

The most exciting part of what's happening in the data industry isn't the tooling: It's what you, the data practitioners, are doing with it. ❤️This is why we launched a community dedicated to helping the data practitioners within the Operational Analytics movement learn and grow.

The OA Club brings talented data people together so we can all support each other in our careers by contributing our unique expertise and experience to the wider community.  

Join the Slack to get access to AMAs with data experts you know and love, exclusive OA community events (like our weekly ☕ OA Club Coffee Chats ☕), shiny swag, and more!

Live Roundtable: Leading with Operational Analytics

Operational Analytics is reshaping how businesses think about and work with data. Join us for the inside scoop on how OA transforms data into impactful action!

Data and operations leaders like Julie Beynon (Head of Data at Clearbit), Stephen Ebrey (Data PM at Omaze), and Sarah Krasnik (Data Eng. at Perpay) have been leading the OA movement for over a year with Census. Learn from their stories and hear where the future is headed.

Join the Leaders of Operational Analytics

New & Improved Connectors

Another batch of exciting connectors to help all of our users deliver trusted and actionable data where and when it’s needed 💪On the theme of ad audience segmentation, we now support all the coolest advertising destinations so anything you build in Census Segments can be synced to all your tools at once.


Asana: Our first project management destination!

💡 Operational Analytics use case: Automatically create & assign tasks for sales reps or CSMs, based on account health score or product usage.

📔 Check out the product doc to get started.

Criteo: Omnichannel ad targeting platform

💡 Operational Analytics use case: Create and distribute lookalike audiences based on your best existing customers - like how Bleach London achieved a 20% decrease in CPA by improving their audiences.

Campaign Monitor: Email marketing automation platform

💡 Operational Analytics use case: Sync purchase data or website activity data to trigger and personalize emails to nudge customers onto the next step of the buyer journey.

👉 See all our connectors👉 See the changelog for enhancements to 10+ existing connectors

Bonus: Census on G2

We just launched our profile on G2! Check out our early 5⭐️ reviews, like the featured one from Owen at Coalition.🎁 If you’re a Census customer, be one of the first 30 reviewers and we’ll send you a $50 gift card as a thank you!

We read all of our feedback and take it to heart so that we can continue to help our customers deliver the best data to the apps they love.

Questions, concerns, feedback?

Join us on Slack in the OA Club or reach out through email. We’d love to hear from you!P.S. We’re hiring! Join us 🥳