Entity API

Real-time personalization in your website, app, or internal tool in milliseconds. Instantly access your warehouse data anytime, anywhere with no additional engineering.
Census Entity API on the warehouse
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On-demand personalization

Pull Customer 360 data into any destination or context needed, on demand, and in milliseconds.

Zero engineering work

With a single click, enable instant access to your data warehouse via authenticated REST API.

Built on existing models

Leverage existing Entity models and reuse the cleaned and governed data in your source of truth – the data warehouse.
This is revolutionary. When we first implemented the data warehouse, we tried to be digital leaders in sport but could never get to a personalized experience. We had the warehouse but couldn’t activate it, because I didn’t want to build a monolithic system and the API. This makes me so happy.
Dougal Guppy
Platform Architect

The problem: Getting customer data for real-time personalization is complex

Pulling real-time data requires complicated API architecture. The Entity API makes personalization easy. Instead of communicating with 3+ API endpoints, just query the Entity API once.

Leverage clean and consistent data from your source of truth

The Entity API builds on Entities, the semantic definition of the most important data of your business. Because Census already understands the structure of your customer data, we make it even more usable. Now, with one click you can enable instant access to your data via authenticated REST API ⚡️

On-demand personalization from your Customer 360

Build personalized customer journeys and deliver cohesive experiences every time a customer interacts with your brand. Show personalized offers in your mobile app, customize a marketing website, or power internal tools and sidebars with fresh data.

Define important entities in your data source and approve them for marketing segmentation or reverse ETL syncs.

Census Entities visual canvas

See why data teams ❤️ Census

Two stories of Fivetran’s experience using Census
Garegin Ordyan
Director of Analytics
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Prioritization of 100K+ support tickets with plan data in Zendesk
Buddy Marshburn
Senior Data Scientist
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Helping data teams empower business teams

Approval process for trust

Create entities to control which data can be used for segmentation, so the marketing team only uses trusted data.

Spend more time modeling

Enable marketers to self-serve the data models you’ve been working on to drive immediate business impact.

Integrates with dbt + Looker

No need to duplicate or create any new logic, you can connect your existing dbt models or Looker Looks.

Get data into the hands of every business team. Without custom scripts or pipelines.

Activate your data today. Book a demo with one of our experts.