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Guide to the Modern Data Stack: Operational analytics and reverse ETL

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Learn how reverse ETL unlocks operational analytics at scale

When supported by an ecosystem of modern data tools, the data warehouse has the ability to act as the ever-evolving brain of your business. This brain can make operational analytics a reality by informing everything from the day-to-day vital of your company to the high-level vision of your teams and leaders.

Most companies have started to realize the power of the modern data stack to support this data brain, from event tracking and behavioral data tools like Snowplow to modern data warehouses like Snowflake to front-line tools like Salesforce. But, up until recently, there’s been a missing piece that’s prevented even the most data-minded companies from truly realizing operational analytics.

Enter reverse ETL: the bridge between your warehouse and the tools you love most.

This ebook will arm you with the information you need to not just get started with reverse ETL, but lay the foundation for a modern data stack that will grow with you for years to come.

Topics covered in this eBook:

A nervous system of data sits at the center of the modern company

Why we need to look beyond CDPs to deliver excellent experiences to customers

Enhancing the snowplow trial experience with Census

Snowplow and Census: delivering behavioral data for actionable outcomes