Census Use Case

Capture Your Target Audience and Improve Conversions with Personalized Ads & Re-targeting

Learn how to use Census to effectively target the right customers, activating them to take actions that lift your sales.


Marketing teams are constantly looking for ways to maximize the effect of their engagement campaigns.

Accurately targeting high-growth customers requires finesse, but with the right tools, you’ll maximize the efficiency of your growth marketing campaigns.

Identifying users who are most likely to sign-up, engage, retain, or expand can be difficult without accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive information about your customers. By providing your marketing and growth teams with the full picture, you’re unlocking the ability to target your prospective and existing customers with effective content. 

By allowing your marketing team to successfully target the correct audience, you’ll be engaging with the right users, with the right message, at the right time.  This enables you to:

  • Decrease customer acquisition costs
  • Increase effectiveness of engagement incentives like coupons, rewards, and special access
  • Engage with at-risk users to reduce the likelihood of churn
  • Target customers with a high propensity for increased spend
  • Encourage power-users to engage with new beta features
  • Increase the relevance of marketing content based on customer behavior
  • Convert engaged users to retained users
  • Convert retained users to power users

Use Case

A food delivery company was looking to run an effective growth marketing campaign to increase activity over the holidays. They had been delivering coupons to customers whose lifetime spending was in the 90th percentile. This seemed like a great plan, but the success of their campaign was lackluster.

A new team member suggested that they look beyond lifetime spend, and target users who have ordered from 3 or more different restaurants in the past month. They worked with Census to pull in a new orders table, set up a segment with the new criteria, and sent that data to their coupon distribution app.

They began sending coupons to these customers and saw a jump in the percentage of coupons used. Now, each time a user orders from 3 unique restaurants in a 30 day span, they automatically get a coupon.

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