Census Use Case

Upsell existing customers using data to time your offer

Learn how to use Census to convert the right prospects and customers to a paid plan or a higher tier.


Sharp sales teams target customers who are likely to convert to a paid plan, purchase add-ons, or move to a higher product tier.

But identifying these customers is difficult without accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive information about each one. By providing your sales and marketing teams with the full picture, you’re unlocking the ability to target your prospective and existing customers with the most appropriate conversation, thereby improving your ability to:

  • Decrease the overall cost of customer acquisition
  • Target customers with a high propensity for increasing spend
  • Encourage power-users to engage with new beta features
  • Convert engaged users to retained user

Use Case

Want to see how Census targets clients for upsells or expansion opportunities?

At Census, we collect first party product usage and behavioral data using an event-tracking tool and store it in our data warehouse. We use custom logic to identify prospects that are likely interested in an upsell. These prospects are collected in a final model which is, in turn, synced into our CRM via Census reverse ETL. Our AEs then reach out to customers that receive the upsell flag.

Some examples of the data points we track:

  • Plan Utilization Rate. If the customer is close to 100% utilization, they might want to add on more fields.
  • Number of Users. This indicates broader interest in the organization. The Free and Core tier have user limits which provide an opportunity to upsell.
  • Billing status. Consistently paying on time indicates engagement.
  • Number of Support cases. This could indicate more engagement and an uptick in product usage.

By targeting these accounts, we help our Sales Team grow their accounts while avoiding potentially pointless conversations with prospects and customers who may not be ready to purchase.

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