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Alex Hauer

Alex believes in the transformative nature of data and that anyone can be a data model. On the product marketing team at Fivetran, he focuses on post-load transformations features and partnerships. Prior to coming to Fivetran, he worked at Datorama, a Salesforce company.

Alexandre Couëdelo

He is a complex systems engineering and management specialist who has been embracing the DevOps culture since he started his career by contributing to the digital transformation of a leading financial institution in Canada. His passions are the DevOps revolution and industrial engineering, and he loves being able to get the best of both worlds.
Précigné, Pays de la Loire, France

Allie Beazell

Allie Beazell is director of developer marketing @ Census. She loves getting to connect with data practitioners about their day-to-day work, helping technical folks communicate their expertise through writing, and bringing people together to learn from each other.
Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, California, United States

Anthony Mandelli

Anthony writes about data to help people find human-centered, user-focused solutions with modern analytics. He first started working with data at scale managing CRM systems and platform integrations and has produced educational content up and down the data stack.
New York City Metropolitan Area

Ayooluwa Adekunle

Ayooluwa Adekunle takes delight in helping online businesses grow, reach their target audience, and achieve their business goals with technical writing, copywriting, content marketing, and SEO that works.

Boris Jabes

Boris is co-founder and CEO of Census, helping companies sync customer data across business systems. Previously, he founded Meldium, a YC-backed password manager for teams, which was acquired by LogMeIn. He enjoys speaking and writing about technology, helping other startup founders, and angel investing.
San Francisco, California, United States

Brad Buda

Brad is a co-founder of Census who doubles as a software developer in San Francisco. Prior to founding Census, he co-founded Meldium, a YC-backed startup helping teams & companies manage accounts & passwords for cloud apps.
San Francisco, California, United States

Brett Kobold

Brett Kobold is the Director Of Analytics at Retina AI. He is an analyst and people leader with a strong passion for understanding the world through the lens of data.
Waco, Texas, United States

Carlo Scalisi

Carlo is a Senior Data Analyst at N26, a European challenger bank. He has extensive experience in consumer tech and is passionate about analytics engineering, clean code, and his home country of Italy.
New York, New York, United States

Danny Chepenko

Danny is the Head of Growth and Data at SpatialChat, a B2B tool for remote teams wherein they can build a better sense of belongingness in this online world. As part of the founding team, he's responsible for creating the basement to support further growth, requiring him to wear multiple hats in order to build the best breakout experience online.

Dave Hughes

Dave is a software engineer at Census. He loves sharing his data wisdom and is a true renaissance man: He collects guitars, programs, and cooks. On the side, he built a "recipe recipe" -- a program that generates the ideal pizza ingredients for any circumstance.
San Francisco, California, United States

Donny Flynn

Donny Flynn is a customer data architect at Census. He previously worked as a head of data and is (forever and always) a fanatic for Chicago sports. Donny enjoys working on startups and helping educate the community on data architecture, SQL, and Python.
San Francisco Bay Area

Furqan Butt

Furqan is a software developer with more than three years of experience in the computer software industry. He writes on Medium for publications including Towards Data Science, and he's part of the AWS Community Builders Program for data and analytics. His core expertise is in data engineering, big data, cloud technologies, and backend development.
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Jeff Sloan

Jeff is a Senior Data Community Advocate at Census. He's a Modern Data Stack native, both as a builder and a practitioner. Ask Jeff for his thoughts on Redshift vs. Snowflake, but clear your calendar for the next 30 minutes.
New York City Metropolitan Area

Jesse Short

Jesse is a content strategist at Help Scout. After years of working in customer service and writing freelance, he made the switch to writing full-time and now spends most of his days writing about customer service and daydreaming about cheeseburgers and assorted pastries.

Jinwoo Park

Jinwoo Park is a Content Writer at Chameleon. Equipped with deep knowledge about all things product, UX, and SaaS, he is a storyteller with a passion for weaving narratives that tell complex ideas in simple ways.
Montreal Metropolitan Area

John Bourous

John is the Partner Marketing Manager at Census. With 11+ years of experience scaling client services and strategic partnerships at growth-stage SaaS companies, he has extensive expertise across both adtech and martech stacks.

Junaid Butt

Junaid is a research engineer at IBM Research where he builds and deploys machine learning models to learn interesting things about data. He has a background in product-oriented data science focused on startups. Junaid has a passion for helping non-data people learn more about their data to drive better decisions.
London, England, United Kingdom

Katy Yuan

Katy is a Product Marketing Manager at Census who loves diving into startups, SaaS technology, and modern data platforms. When she's not working, you can find her baking, PC gaming, or playing Ultimate Frisbee.
San Francisco, CA

Khalif Cooper

Khalif Cooper is a software and digital analytics engineer with over five years of experience. He's passionate about the Google Cloud Platform, the data space, and helping people use technology better.
Washington DC-Baltimore Area

Madison Schott

Madison is an analytics engineer with a passion for data, entrepreneurship, writing, and education. Her goal is to teach in a way that everyone can understand – whether you're just starting out in your career or you've been working in engineering for 20 years.

Mallika Sahay

Mallika is Chief of Staff at Census. She makes data-informed business decisions to empower data teams and drive greater efficiency and effectiveness across the business. In her prior sales and operations roles, she built and sold data products, but her current passion lies in helping companies realize the power of operational analytics.
Austin, Texas, United States

Mei Tao

Mei Tao is a Senior Product Manager at Monte Carlo. Prior to joining Monte Carlo, Mei worked in product management at NEXT Trucking and Product Strategy at Coinbase. She received her MBA from Harvard Business School and her B.S. in Statistics from the University of California, Berkeley.
San Francisco, California, United States

Michel Zurkirchen

Michel Zurkirchen is an Amsterdam-based digital analyst and a regular contributor to the Census blog. After starting his career in digital marketing, Michel started learning Python and has been an enthusiastic learner and practitioner of data analytics ever since.
Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Nate Corliss

Nate manages ads for Census. He’s a growth marketer with over a decade of experience. When he’s not optimizing ads, you’ll find him on his SUP or strolling through the woods with his family.
Portland, Oregon, United States

Nathan Kontny

Nate is a hands-on developer building products and running companies. His previous experience as the CEO of Highrise and CTO of Inkling helped him hone his skills as a software designer, engineer, founder, writer & vlogger.
Greater Chicago Area

Nicole Mitich

Nicole Mitich is the content marketing manager @ Census. She's carried a love for reading and writing since childhood, but her particular focus is on streamlining technical communication through writing. She loves seeing (and helping) technical folks share their wisdom.
San Diego, California, United States

Ollie Glass

Ollie is a commercial and product-focused data scientist and engineer helping companies drive growth with data. He has extensive experience across the full data product development lifecycle: Working with stakeholders to understand ideas, gathering data, building pipelines, developing models, shipping to production, creating reporting systems, and communicating results.
London, England, United Kingdom

Parker Rogers

Parker is a data community advocate at Census with a background in data analytics. He's interested in finding the best and most efficient ways to make use of data, and help other data folks in the community grow their careers.
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Roel Peters

Roel is a data generalist with a special interest in making business cases using structured data and simulation techniques.
Ghent Metropolitan Area

Roslyn Coutinho

Roz doubles as a product marketing manager and brand marketing manager at Census. She's a designer turned product manager, driven by curiosity and a constant desire to learn.
San Francisco, California, United States

Ross Katz

Ross is the Principal and Data Science Lead at CorrDyn, a data-driven technology consulting company. At CorrDyn, Ross oversees projects that leverage data to deliver value to clients across industries, including E-Commerce, EdTech, BioTech, Finance, and SaaS. Prior to joining CorrDyn, Ross received his Master's Degree in Information and Data Science from UC Berkeley and occupied various analytical leadership roles along the way.
Iowa City, Iowa, United States

Sarah Krasnik

Sarah Krasnik is a data consultant by day and data blogger, advisor, and generally curious data person by night. Previously a data engineer at Perpay, she has since transitioned to an advisory board member for Census and Superconductive.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Satya Gadepalli

Satya is the Senior Manager of Demand Generation at Census. She's passionate about scaling startups, cultivating D&I, and Valentina hot sauce.
Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Sean Lynch

Sean is co-founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Census. He loves enabling data-driven organizations, so he's energized by introducing the world to Data Activation.
San Francisco, California, United States

Sharrifah Lorenz

Sharrifah is the Head of Partnerships at Census, overseeing both Technology Alliances and Solutions Partners. She is passionate about data and developer tooling and helping companies scale through partners.
San Francisco, California, United States

Simon Pickerill

Simon is the content marketing manager at Oyster, working to create a world where companies everywhere can hire people anywhere. He is a human-centric content marketer with a love for long-form, premium content projects.

Sooter Saalu

Sooter Saalu is a data professional with experience as a data analyst, data scientist, and data engineer. He has an educational background in clinical psychology and is committed to writing engaging data stories for technical and non-technical audiences.

Stephen Allwright

Stephen is a data science leader based in Oslo, Norway. After making the self-taught career transition from finance to data himself, he now enjoys helping others do the same by writing simple-to-understand tutorials that are accessible for all skill levels. If you’d like to read more of Stephen’s writing, you can find it at

Stephen Ebrey

Stephen is the founder of Sawtelle Analytics, but he has worked in operations, product management, and data across gaming, advertising, and eCommerce companies. He loves trying out new products and being part of growing startups, and recently moved from a full-time job at Omaze to data consulting.
Los Angeles, California, United States

Sylvain Giuliani

Syl is the Head of Growth & Operations at Census. He's a revenue leader and mentor with a decade of experience building go-to-market strategies for developer tools.
San Francisco, California, United States

Terence Shin

Terence is a data enthusiast and professional working with top Canadian tech companies. He received his MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology and is currently pursuing a master's in computational analytics at Georgia Tech.
Markham, Ontario, Canada

Timo Dechau

Timo is the founder & data designer at Deepskydata, the leading agency for tracking & data collection. He helps folks build the data infrastructure that enables data, data science, product, customer success, marketing & sales team to shine.
Ålborg, North Jutland, Denmark

Trevor Fox

Trevor leads the growth team at Census. His passion for taking action on data began with a brief baseball career causing him to devour scouting reports to find a competitive edge. He's spent the last 10 years learning about digital marketing, programming, and data with a mission to innovate in the growth space.
Portland, Oregon, United States

Tyler Mucci

Tyler is the Partner Manager @ Census. He started by building outbound sales, and now he's helping our best-in-breed Agency and Technology partners tackle Operational Analytics.
San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States

Ukpai Ugochi

Ukpai is a full stack JavaScript developer (MEVN), and she contributes to FOSS in her free time. She loves to share knowledge about her transition from marine engineering to software development to encourage people who love software development and don't know where to begin.
Warri, Delta State, Nigeria

Volodymyr Grin

Volodymyr is a talented engineer with a knack for solving challenging problems with simple, yet elegant solutions. He takes pride in his work and enjoys mentoring junior engineers. He specializes in writing technical tutorials in his spare time.

Zachary Pollatsek

Zachary is a data scientist with a strong track record in finding business insights through data science and machine learning. Previously, he worked at Traeger Pellet Grills as a test engineer and product design engineer, but recently, he's decided to pursue his passion for data science through the Flatiron School.
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States