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Census is Snowflake's Marketing Application Partner of the Year 2024

Katy Yuan
Katy Yuan June 04, 2024

Katy is a Product Marketing Manager at Census who loves diving into startups, SaaS technology, and modern data platforms. When she's not working, you can find her playing pickleball or Ultimate Frisbee.

We’re thrilled to announce that Census has been named Snowflake’s Marketing Application Partner of the Year 2024! 🎉

Why Census?

This prestigious award recognizes Census for our unique innovations in real-time data syncing and no-code marketing activation for over 130 joint customers. We’re dedicated to helping every enterprise drive innovation and harness the full power of their data for marketing and business operations.

Key partnership highlights:

🏆 Joint Customer Success: Leading enterprises such as HubSpot, Canva, Orangetheory Fitness, Crocs, Rippling, Sonos, and Notion have seen remarkable outcomes, including real-time personalization for 170 million users, a 50% reduction in customer acquisition costs, and a 33% increase in email open rates.

🏆 Maximizing Data Value: Over the past year, our shared customers have doubled their usage of Census, significantly increasing the volume of records synced from Snowflake to over 200 business destinations.

🏆 Innovative Product Development: In collaboration with Snowflake's product team, we introduced Live Syncs, the first and only real-time Reverse ETL for Snowflake that enables 100x faster and 100x cheaper data activation compared to traditional solutions. (Read Luke Ambrosetti’s analysis here).

We're grateful to all of our joint customers for their continued support and collaboration!

Customer Highlights

We also wanted to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our amazing customers for their continued partnership and collaboration. Your support means the world to us! 

Highlighting these customer case studies:

Canva, the most popular design platform in the world, built a Composable CDP using Snowflake and Census to harness 200 terabytes of first-party data in Snowflake. They achieved results including:

  • Personalizing customer journeys at scale to over 170 million monthly users
  • Increasing email open rates by 33%
  • Saving $200k on engineering costs

Canva also leveraged Snowflake’s new Dynamic Tables feature to reduce personalization turnaround time by over 50x, from 3 days to 1 hour.

Canva's Composable CDP architecture with Snowflake, Census, dbt, and Fivetran enables marketing teams to take action in Braze and advertising platforms

ClickUp, a project management platform that serves 8 million users, cut Customer Acquisition Costs by a jaw-dropping 50% in 6 months. ClickUp uses Snowflake, dbt, and Census in their Composable CDP to sync a predictive LTV model that optimizes ad targeting in Google and Facebook. To enable non-technical marketing users, ClickUp also uses Census Audience Hub to manages audience in one central place — on top of Snowflake. They can model complex data relationships between users, workspaces, and companies, then make those available to everyone in a no-code interface.

Zip, a fintech platform that helps millions of consumers access flexible payment options, leverages Census Audience Hub on top of Snowflake to enable their Growth Marketing team to segment audiences with all their data and deliver unified experiences through Braze and in-app messaging.

Census 🤝 Snowflake

As a Snowflake Premier Technology Partner, Census has partnered closely with Snowflake since the beginning to empower marketing and business teams to do more with their data.

Recently, Census was named a Leader in Snowflake’s 2023 Modern Marketing Data Stack Report for Customer Data Activation. We were also highlighted in Snowflake’s launch of the Marketing Data Cloud, where we presented on How Canva uses Census and the Snowflake Marketing Data Cloud to Personalize Campaigns to 170M+ Users.

Snowflake customers can quickly and easily sign up for Census via Snowflake Partner Connect, which connects a Census workspace to their Snowflake instance with just a few clicks.

“Congratulations to Census for being named the Snowflake Data Cloud Product Marketing Application Partner of the Year. A strong partner ecosystem is foundational to Snowflake’s mission of enabling every organization to be data-driven. Census is core to that mission, and together, we’re helping organizations across industries better activate and unlock their data for business value.”
— Tyler Prince, SVP of Worldwide Alliances & Channels at Snowflake

Meet with us at Snowflake Summit

Meet the Census team at Snowflake Summit Booth #1313 this week! We also have 3 speaking sessions where we’ll dive into real-world data activation use cases:

🎤 How Rippling Built a $13.5 Billion Company by Automating Operations with Data

  • Monday June 3rd | 2:30 pm
  • This session happened yesterday but feel free to reach out to us to learn more about Rippling’s use cases!

🎤 Optimizing Advertising ROI: Orangetheory’s Success with Snowflake + Census

  • Tuesday June 4th | 12 pm
  • This talk is ON now - let us know if you want to receive notes from the session!

🎤 Accelerating Canva's MarTech with Snowflake Dynamic Tables and Census

  • Wednesday June 5th | 12 pm
  • Room 204 (Moscone South, Level 2)

🪩 Plus, the hottest Summit party of the year is almost sold out! Thank you to our co-sponsors Sigma, Atlan, Monte Carlo, Airbyte, Snowplow, Cube, Materialize, and OneSix for their partnership.

The Electric Data Carnival at Temple Nightclub

A huge thank you to Snowflake for this incredible honor and to our amazing customers and partners for their continued support and collaboration. We look forward to helping even more businesses harness the full power of their data. Here's to more innovation, growth, and success together! 🚀