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Announcing Census on Snowflake Partner Connect | Census

John Bourous
John Bourous May 18, 2023

John is the Partner Marketing Manager at Census. With 11+ years of experience scaling client services and strategic partnerships at growth-stage SaaS companies, he has extensive expertise across both adtech and martech stacks.

We're excited to announce that Census has been accepted into Snowflake's Partner Connect program! 🎉

This acceptance is a huge milestone for both Reverse ETL and data activation. 🏆 By unifying first-party data and audiences, Census empowers businesses such as Canva, Loom, Notion, Sonos, and Vistaprint to drive more personalized marketing, sales, and customer service experiences.

🚀 Already a trusted Snowflake Powered By Partner and Premier Technology Partner, Census’s availability within Partner Connect will further streamline first-party data integration into downstream business tools.


Why leverage Partner Connect?

Partner Connect allows Snowflake users to seamlessly integrate and test out 3rd-party tools within the Data Cloud ecosystem. Snowflake customers can connect trusted partner platforms to their Snowflake instance within a few clicks based on their business needs. 

With Census now a part of Snowflake's Partner Connect program, integrating the two platforms is even more seamless and efficient. It offers several benefits to users, such as:

  • Easy Accessibility: Users can now access Census directly from the Snowflake interface, eliminating the need for a complex setup.
  • 🎯 Streamlined Data Orchestration: The partnership ensures efficient data syncing between Snowflake and business tools via Census, thus enabling more timely and actionable insights.
  • Data Consistency: Leveraging Snowflake as a central hub for business operations ensures data consistency across all platforms, reducing data discrepancies and silos and improving decision-making.
  • 🔒 Enhanced Security: Both Snowflake and Census prioritize data security, ensuring the user's data remains secure during transfer and storage.

Getting started with Census on Partner Connect

‎1) Navigate to Partner Connect and Select Census from Data Integration


2) Configure the Census connection by providing access to a data table


3) Activate your Partner Connect account with Census


4) Sign up for a Census account


5) Navigate to Connections and select your Snowflake Partner Connection


6) Test that your connection to Snowflake is valid


7) Once validated, you can sync to over 200 business tools!


Looking forward

This partnership underscores the importance of data activation in today's data-driven business environment. As businesses grapple with increasing amounts of data, tools like Census and Snowflake will become indispensable for companies to become data-driven. 💪 Census’s recent collaboration with Snowflake to launch Census Audience Hub for marketers is another prime example of how the Data Cloud changes how businesses operate with data.

🤔 Interested in making your data actionable? Get a free onboarding of Census or start a free trial today.