How Canva uses Snowflake as a CDP for Audience Segmentation

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Canva built a Composable CDP to achieve better audience segmentation and marketing personalization to their 125 million monthly users. Watch now to learn more about warehouse-native data activation with Snowflake, Census, Fivetran, and dbt.

CDPs are yet another copy of data

CDPs force you to create a new “source of truth” for customer data. With Census, marketers can activate audiences from the place their customer data already lives - the data cloud.

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Why Census?

Activate your source of truth

CDPs are yet another silo of customer data. With Census, marketing teams have access to all available trusted customer data in the cloud.

Faster time to value

CDPs take months to evaluate, implement and adopt. With Census, you can skip the implementation phase and activate your existing data immediately. 

Ensure data governance & quality

CDPs create yet another copy of the data. Census is built on top of your existing data cloud so you can reuse all your governance investments.

Don’t buy a CDP.

(Until you've met with a data expert at Census)
Census is a data activation platform that enables marketing teams to manage audiences directly on top of the data cloud. Turn your existing data platform into a composable Customer Data Platform (CDP) with Census.

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Build segments without SQL

Instantly unlock the power of your first-party customer data without code or reliance on engineering.

Experiment with audiences faster

Get your lookalike audiences and personalized campaigns into production faster, and iterate quickly.

Sync fresh data to all your tools

Create dynamic audiences in a single place, and keep all your tools up-to-date with fully automated syncs.
Census makes it really easy to sync audiences into our Ad platforms. I build my audiences on top of models from my data team, click go, and it just works.
Ryan Luis
Sr. Manager Marketing Ops

From your warehouse to your favorite apps. Without code or engineers.

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