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Welcome to your one-stop-shop for all your modern data news: The Operator

Allie Beazell is director of developer marketing @ Census. She loves getting to connect with data practitioners about their day-to-day work, helping technical folks communicate their expertise through writing, and bringing people together to learn from each other.

We’ve got some exciting news, folks! The brand new Census blog, The Operator, is now live! 🎉 

It’s the official Operational Analytics blog, designed specifically to give readers access to knowledge about all things data from Census and community experts alike. As the pioneers of reverse ETL and Operational Analytics, we’re dedicated to making this blog the home of all the expert knowledge of our community (including you!) has to offer. ✨

Why the change? 💇‍♀️

At Census, we believe every team (data, engineering, sales, marketing, success and beyond) should benefit from a single source of truth about their customers so they have the same understanding of who their customers are and how to serve those customers best.

But it’s one thing to have access to that data. It’s another thing completely to really understand what you can do with it. That’s where The Operator comes in. There are so many brilliant folks in our community solving interesting problems every day (some of them even work for us 😉). By surfacing that knowledge here, we’re hopeful that we can all learn from each other and make Operational Analytics a reality for everyone. 

TL;DR: We’re a bunch of friendly neighborhood data nerds who believe in a world where data – and knowledge about it – is democratized, and the data team is recognized as the powerhouse of the business. So, we wanted to make our blog a place that empowers all data folks with the accessibility to get the information they need, when they need it.

New features and functionality ✨

Don’t worry – our blog still has the same carefully curated technical wisdom you love; we simply gave it a makeover to modify existing (and add new!) features and functionality. 💄

What can you expect? While we redesigned many of the existing functions, we also added several new features.

A dynamic table of contents (TOC) 👀

Pressed for time or just looking for an answer to your question? We’ve got you covered. With our anchored, left-side navigation, you can jump straight to the sections you’re interested in (without the drag of manually scanning the blog for the information you want).

An example TOC from Never used dbt? Here’s how it can change your data game.

Content search by keyword 🔎

Okay, okay, you can stop cheering now. We know you’ve all been waiting for this – it was by far our most commonly requested feature. And, yes, you guessed it: You can now search for the content topics you want to see in the search bar at the top right of the page (and subscribe to Parker Rogers’s awesome monthly data content roundup while you’re in the top left corner of the blog). 🙏

Enter your keywords and search our entire library of content from the top right corner of the blog site. Add your email into the "Subscribe to OA Digest" box to get Parker's monthly OA Digest newsletter delivered straight to your inbox. ✉️

Faceted search and filtering 🐎

Interested in a specific content type, source, or team (or maybe a few)? We’ve added a search and filter interface to help you get the most out of your blog browsing experience. Just click the filters you’re interested in, hit the “Run query” button, and voilà! You’re off to the races. 

Filter by content type, team, or source (or a combination of the three)! With the new filter function, you can find the content you need, when you need it.

An author index

Have a favorite Census or community author you just can’t get enough of? With our blog revamp, we also launched an author index, allowing you to see all of our authors (with links to their social media profiles) at a glance. If you click on an individual author, you’ll be navigated to the author’s page, highlighting all their accredited, published Census blog articles.

Browse content from our collection of authors or just learn a thing or two about your favorite writers!

Related: Interested in writing for The Operator? We’re always looking for more data material from practitioners. You’ll get content support from our editors (and we'll help build your personal brand by promoting your content). Reach out to content marketing manager Nicole Mitich at to get rolling. 🖋️

Want to get a quick tour of the new blog and its functions? Check out this quick explainer video.👇

We’re really excited to unveil this new generation of the Census blog (and for all the awesome content to come). Go ahead, poke around and explore.  Looking for even more awesome data content from the data nerds you know and love? Head on over to The Operational Analytics Club to find even more data expertise to help you learn. 

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Get the best data & ops content (not just our post!) delivered straight to your inbox