Census Use Case

Streamline your sales pipeline by activating data in your CRM

Explore how activating data within your CRM can streamline the sales pipeline, enhancing sales performance and accelerating revenue growth.


Sales teams, like most non-technical business units, often struggle to manage and analyze the massive volume of customer data that gets collected. Of course, this isn't the best use of their time; the deals in flux are.

And, when they spend their time trying to wade through all the raw data at their disposal, it only leads to inefficient pipeline management, missed opportunities, and longer sales cycles.

But what if you could automate your data management and create a more efficient, streamlined sales pipeline? By activating data in your CRM using Census, your sales team experiences benefits like:

  1. Improved efficiency: Automated data activation eliminates manual data entry and analysis, freeing your sales team to focus more on selling.
  2. Enhanced decision-making: With real-time data at their fingertips, sales teams can make quicker, more informed decisions.
  3. Personalized sales approaches: Rich, activated data enables your team to tailor their sales approach to individual leads, enhancing the chances of conversion.
  4. Increased revenue: A streamlined sales pipeline speeds up the sales cycle, resulting in quicker conversions and increased revenue.

Below are the ten customer fields that you'll need to get started:

Field Description
Customer ID Unique identifier for a customer
Lead Source Origin of the lead
Contact Details Customer's contact information
Sales Stage Stage of the customer in the pipeline
Last Contacted Date customer was last contacted
Next Follow-up Date for the next follow-up call
Customer Status Current status of the customer
Purchase History Customer's past purchases
Lead Score Score based on the likelihood of conversion
Account Manager Sales representative assigned to the customer

Use Case

With the relevant customer fields in hand, here's how to start activating your data in Census:

  1. Connect your data source and destination to Census. We have integrations to 130+ SaaS tools.
  2. Map the relevant customer fields.
  3. Set up automation rules in Census to trigger updates when changes occur in your customer data.
  4. Monitor and adjust your sales strategies based on your activated data insights.

What’s next?

These principles can be extended to other areas of your organization as well. You can activate data in your customer support tools to improve service, in your product management tools to enhance product development, or in your marketing tools to optimize campaigns.

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