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Census for Startups

Build the last mile of the modern data stack with a reverse ETL

Setting up the right data stack should be easy to do from day 1, so we're giving startups full access to Census for a flat rate of $100 per month.

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Get full access to Census for only $100/month*

*Typical value of $2,000/month

Eligibility requirements:

Unlock access to:

Startup Platform Service Plan, including

  • 1 Data Warehouse Connection
  • Native dbt Integration
  • Unlimited Active Destination Syncs
  • Manual, Weekly, Daily and Hourly Sync Frequency
  • Up to 50,000 source records per sync
  • Unlimited Standard and Premium Connectors

Pricing which grows alongside your business

Use Census for a flat rate of $100 per month for the first year, and then receive a 20% discount off the total price in year two

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