Census for Startups

Build your startup on a data stack that scales

Setting up the right data stack should be easy to do from day one, so we're offering startup-friendly prices that grow with your business.

Grow with Census on a plan that fits

Get the data stack today that matches the scale of tomorrow. Together, we'll tailor a plan that suits your needs within the Core plan. Contact us to get started!

Eligibility requirements:

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Fewer than 40 employees

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Raised less than $10MM USD in total funding

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New Census customer

Unlock access to:

Core plan, including:

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1 Data warehouse connection
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Native dbt and Looker integrations
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Sync to unlimited destinations
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Manual, weekly, daily and hourly sync frequency
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Observability via smart alerting and sync dry runs
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Sync unlimited rows

Pricing that grows alongside your business

Startup Program customers get discounted pricing in year one. You don’t need to wait to get started.

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You're in good company

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