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The easiest way to sync your customer data to
all your tools

The easiest way to sync your customer data to
all your tools

Census is the operational analytics platform that syncs your data warehouse with all your favorite apps. Get your customer success, sales & marketing teams on the same page by keeping customer data in sync. No engineering favors required.

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Don't Write Custom Scripts. Just SQL.

Census automatically publishes SQL & dbt models from your warehouse without a line of code. Stop deciphering external APIs and maintaining custom scripts, just focus on the business outcomes.

Make Your Warehouse a Customer Data Platform

You don't want "yet another source of truth" when everything is already in your warehouse. Census works on top of your existing infrastructure. Just pick a destination app, map the data, and voila, you are done.

Don't Just Visualize Your Analytics. Take Action.

Your data shouldn't be stuck in quarterly reports. Census empowers everyone in your business to take action. Live metrics in every app means better business operations, which leads to happier users & more revenue.

Skip the Jira Ticket. Let Them Eat Data.

Once connected, Census allows any business user to map data from the models you expose in your warehouse. Sales Ops needs the latest product metric in Salesforce? They can manage data syncs directly. No coding required.

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That’s when we discovered Census. The use case of taking information from Redshift and pumping it directly into Salesforce was the perfect solution for what we’re looking for.

Jeff Ronaldi


Sales & Marketing Operations



Keep Your Team Focused on Data. We Take Care of Integration.

30+ Native Connectors

We build native integrations so you don’t have to. See the full list here.

Native dbt Integration

We ❤️ dbt. Connect directly to Github and materialize models into any app. Explore our native integration here.

Incremental Syncs

Our delta sync engine is built for efficiency, keeping API usage to a minimum. Without ever leaving your warehouse.

Data Stays in Your Warehouse

Census is designed to run inside your data warehouse so none of your sensitive data is stored on our servers.

Enterprise Ready

Census is built from the ground up to be secure & compliant with standards like SOC 2. Read more about our security.

Detailed Observability & Logging

Every sync comes with a historical log to help you debug data quality or sync issues.

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Do more with your data

By syncing your customer data in your business tools, you empower the sales, marketing, and support teams to build:

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