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Sync data from your warehouse into all your business tools with Census. Give every team the data they need
to act and automate with confidence.
Head of analytics
Our RevOps team can get all the data from our warehouse into
Salesforce, without me needing
to do anything...heaven.
Julie Beynon, Clearbit

Stop hacking together APIs and CSVs. Get data you can trust, at scale.

Operational analytics delivers trusted data from the warehouse into your operational tools, so every business team can take action on it. Supercharge your automation, workflows or personalized campaigns with more data.

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What Census can do for you

Kyle Parrish • Head of Sales
10x sales productivity
With product data inside the CRM
Cuong Duong • Data Analyst
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Personalization to 50M+ users
With faster audience experimentation
Julie Beynon • Head of Analytics
Business teams get new attributes in 30 mins
With self-serve access to syncs
Eric Bloedorn • Dir. of Product Management
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98% reduction in support times
With proactive customer alerts