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😎 What’s New in May: Observability tools, Access controls, Summer of Data!

Katy Yuan
May 31, 2022 min read
May 31, 2022 min read
Katy is a Product Marketing Manager at Census who loves baking and PC gaming. She enjoys working on startups, SaaS technology, and modern data platforms.

Are you ready for the Summer of Data? 😎 Grab your sunglasses because this summer we’re going all out to help you stand out like a flamingo 🦩 in your data career with events, community, and some sweet summer swag. Read on!

Also, don’t forget to leave us a review on G2 in exchange for a $50 gift card!

🎉 New Features

Sync with Confidence

We announced an entire set of ✨ warehouse-centric observability ✨ capabilities that ensure data quality for reverse ETL, so data teams can sync data into downstream business tools with confidence (and without all the bug smashing). 🐛

👉 Read the blog announcement or watch the product showcase on-demand

Role-Based Access Controls

Census admins can easily assign user roles to secure access to sensitive data and empower better collaboration between data & ops. Empower end users to self-serve with Census, without worrying that they’ll sync the wrong data, break data models, or change business logic.

👉 Read the full announcement

🔗 Connectors



See the changelog for improvements to Braze, HubSpot, Klaviyo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Shopify, and more!

🦩 Join us for the Summer of Data

Community, events, and swag – what more can you ask for?! Plus the new weekly Stand Out Data Show featuring our Data Community Advocate Parker Rogers interviewing data practitioners like Felipe Hoffa and Julie Beynon.

👉 Claim your free summer swag (USA only, sorry!)

💡 OA in Action: How Crossbeam uses partner data to personalize sales conversations and drive product-led growth

Matt Nicosia, Director of Growth at Crossbeam, shared with us how he uses operational analytics to help his sales team have more personalized conversations. They also use partner data to recommend integrations to existing customers, automating product adoption and upsells. That’s just a couple of the ways Crossbeam is driving growth with reverse ETL.

👉 Read more on Crossbeam’s blog

🗓 Live Sessions

Upcoming - Register Now!

A Modern Guide to Operationalizing Customer Churn PredictionThursday June 9th, 10 am PT

  • Learn how to handle the essential complexities of predicting customer churn for your unique business and how tools like Continual and Census make it easy to generate and deploy predictions into customer engagement systems.

[Select Stars Show & Tell] Spreedly saves 1 hour a day with Looker + CensusWednesday June 22nd, 10 am PT

  • See how payments platform Spreedly operationalizes warehouse data for marketing personalization and Product-Led Growth with Looker + Census, and learn how to calculate Return on Analytics (ROA) and measure the data team's impact on the business.

See more: Census Events

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