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Set up A/B tests with Census and LaunchDarkly

Learn how to set up A/B tests with Census and LaunchDarkly to optimize your marketing campaigns, improve customer engagement, and drive conversions.


At the core of all great marketing teams is the ability to be agile and flexible generating a test-and-learn environment. After all, Marketing’s responsibility goes beyond reducing CAC and increasing brand awareness — it’s a department that informs the business about effective messaging and enhancing the customer experience driven by understanding the actions behind data-driven decision-making.

But setting up effective A/B tests isn’t easy, especially when you’re trying to deliver a clean test while juggling a sea of customer data and multiple testing variations.

This is where Census and LaunchDarkly come in.

Census’s Audience Hub is a powerful Data Activation platform powered by Reverse ETL that allows you to unleash the power of the data warehouse with an entire suite of audience activation features built specifically for marketers. LaunchDarkly, on the other hand, is a feature management platform that enables you to roll out and test new features with ease.

By combining the capabilities of Census and LaunchDarkly, you streamline your A/B test setup, making it more efficient and insightful.

Below are the ten key customer fields you’ll need to have available:

Customer Field Field Description
customer_id Unique identifier for each customer
email Customer's email address
age Age of the customer
location Customer's geographical location
purchased Indicates whether the customer has made a purchase (True/False)
subscription Customer's subscription status (active, canceled, expired, etc.)
last_interaction Date and time of the customer's last interaction with your brand
segment Customer segmentation based on specific criteria
device_type Type of device used by the customer (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.)
referrer Source or channel that referred the customer to your website or app

Use Case

Why combine Census with LaunchDarkly? There are tons of loaded benefits, like:

  1. Personalized email campaigns: Leverage customer fields such as age and location to create targeted email campaigns tailored to specific demographics, increasing open rates, and conversions.
  2. Website UX optimization: Test different variations of your website's user experience based on customer segments (segment field) to identify the most effective design and layout for higher engagement and conversions.
  3. Conversion rate optimization: Use A/B tests to experiment with different offers and incentives (purchased field) to improve conversion rates and maximize revenue.
  4. Ad targeting: Leverage customer fields like device_type and referrer to run A/B tests on ad campaigns, optimizing targeting strategies to reach the most relevant audience and increase click-through rates.

And now that you know about the benefits (and have your customer fields in hand), here’s how to set up your A/B tests with Census and LaunchDarkly:

  1. Integrate Census with your data sources and define the ten customer fields mentioned above.
  2. Prepare your variations for the A/B test in LaunchDarkly, using customer fields as targeting criteria.
  3. Set up a test in LaunchDarkly, specifying the percentage of users to include in the test and the metrics to track.
  4. Use Census to activate your customer data and sync it with LaunchDarkly for accurate targeting.
  5. Launch the A/B test and monitor the results (adjust as needed).
  6. Analyze the data collected from Census and LaunchDarkly to draw insights and make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

What's next?

Once you've mastered the art of setting up A/B tests with Census and LaunchDarkly, you can there are even more possibilities for your marketing team.

For instance, you can leverage the data collected during A/B tests to build predictive models and optimize your targeting strategies further. Or you can use Census data activation to enhance personalization across various marketing channels, providing a seamless and tailored experience to your customers.

To explore more use cases and gain a deeper understanding of how Census and LaunchDarkly can empower your marketing efforts, check out our documentation and resources.

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