Census Use Case

Send reminder emails to users who completed their account registration, but haven’t verified their accounts

Learn how you can use Census to seamlessly integrate data from various sources and set up a well-coordinated email campaign to target users who abandoned the sign-up process and turn them into active, loyal customers.


When it comes to app downloads and account sign-ups, many users abandon the process midway.

It might not seem like a huge deal — after all, they did sign up, right? — but it leaves a ton of potential revenue on the table.

So when you send reminder emails to those “halfway-there” users to nudge them through the finish line, you can boost engagement, retention, and revenue.

But identifying and targeting these users can be challenging. It requires a seamless integration of data from various sources and a well-coordinated email campaign. Fortunately, with Census, you can initiate this in a snap and start reaping benefits like:

  1. More user engagement: Sending reminder emails can help re-engage users who have not yet completed the verification step. By sending them friendly bumps to take action, you increase the likelihood of turning them into active users.
  2. Improved retention: Encouraging users to complete the verification process leads to higher retention rates since verified users are more likely to become long-term, loyal customers.
  3. Increased revenue: By converting more registered users into verified users, you can tap into a larger user base, increasing the potential for in-app purchases, subscriptions, or other revenue streams.
  4. Enhanced user experience: It’s true — personalized reminder emails make users feel valued. And when you make them feel valued, you foster a positive user experience and promote brand loyalty.

Use Case

To implement this solution, you'll need the following customer fields:

  1. user_id: Unique identifier for the user
  2. email: User's email address
  3. app_installed: Timestamp of app installation
  4. account_registered: Timestamp of account registration
  5. account_verified: Timestamp of account verification
  6. last_email_sent: Timestamp of the last email sent to the user
  7. email_opened: Timestamp of the last email opened by the user
  8. email_clicked: Timestamp of the last email link clicked by the user
  9. account_status: User's account status (e.g., registered, verified, inactive)
  10. user_segment: User segmentation based on behavior, preferences, or demographics

With these fields in hand, you can started in 3 easy steps 👇

  1. Connect your data source. This can be a data warehouse like Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, or Databricks or a database like Postgres, SQL Server, or MySQL
  2. Connect your destination application, like Marketo, Braze, or Iterable. We have integrations with over 100+ SaaS tools.
  3. Map fields to sync customer data. Better yet, use a custom audience list created in Census Segments.

What’s next?

Explore other ways to reuse the data for additional use cases:

  1. Onboarding campaigns: Create personalized onboarding campaigns to educate new users about your app's features and benefits, driving user engagement and retention.
  2. Win-back campaigns: Target inactive users with win-back campaigns to re-engage them and drive them back to your app.
  3. Upsell campaigns: Identify users who are most likely to make a purchase and target them with personalized upsell campaigns to drive revenue growth.
  4. Referral campaigns: Encourage your most loyal customers to refer their friends and family to your app, driving user acquisition and growth.

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