Census Use Case

Craft an upselling strategy by leveraging product usage data

Learn how to use Census to sync customer flags to your CRM or Customer Success Platform identifying accounts that are ready for an upsell based on product utilization.


Most Customer Success teams want to adopt scaled CS tactics to be more efficient and proactive. In the best cases, they have a sense of when it’s time for the upsell: For example, a feature gate has been hit, additional user seats are utilized, or they notice increased engagement. But what if your team could turn that ambiguous “sense” into a proactive model that removes the ambiguity and saves time?

Rather than leaving it to Customer Success Managers to identify upsell opportunities based on discovery and investigative work, teams can leverage the wealth of product usage data housed in the data warehouse to build a growth-targeting model and quickly flag those accounts.

By taking the guesswork out of the upsell strategy, Customer Success teams can rely on a data-driven foundation to quickly act the moment your customer is prepared to do more with and pay more for your product.

By implementing upsell flags, you can:

  • Quickly identify the accounts ready for growth, all in one tool
  • Allow your team to focus on meaningful and data-backed engagement
  • Arm your team with insights on how their customers are utilizing the product
  • Automate alerts to act on growth opportunities as soon as an account meets the threshold
  • Boost NRR by increasing upsell opportunities
  • Increase customer satisfaction by engaging accounts right when it’s needed
  • Increase LTV by driving adoption when your accounts are engaged

Use Case

A growth stage SaaS provider’s Customer Success team felt it was leaving money on the table with customers that were ready for upsells. With the ever-increasing workload on their CSMs, along with changing priorities, it was difficult to identify the right signals for upsell opportunities. This SaaS provider decided to start with simple logic and expand from there. Their upsell logic starting point was to identify customers with 5 or more active users, an average of 3 log-ins per week, and have engaged with support because these customers were much more likely to convert to a higher tier.

They took these insights and began syncing them to their CS platform, triggering their CSMs to initiate upsell conversations. This strategy increased their NRR and expanded the impact of the Customer Success team.

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