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Boost conversions with optimized vacation packages powered by data-driven insights

Unlock new insights, optimize performance, and boost conversions to maximize the reach of your vacation packages by syncing BigQuery data with Google Analytics using Census data activation.


You've meticulously crafted an alluring vacation package that blends adventure and relaxation, showcasing the best your airline has to offer. But as the campaign takes flight, you notice that your target audience remains unresponsive, seemingly uninterested in your carefully curated offer. Frustration mounts as you scramble to understand what went wrong.

The pain points are all too familiar: Rapidly evolving customer preferences, intense competition, and an overwhelming amount of data to sift through. You're not alone in your quest to make sense of the noise and create vacation packages that resonate with your audience.

But by sending your vacation package data stored in BigQuery to Google Analytics with Census data activation, you can optimize your vacation packages and transform these challenges into opportunities. 

By optimizing your travel packages, you can:

  1. Personalize offers: By analyzing user data, tailor vacation packages to suit individual preferences, resulting in a higher likelihood of conversion. This approach aligns with marketing goals to boost sales and customer satisfaction.
  2. Effectively target campaigns: Segment your audience based on travel frequency, destination preferences, or budget, and create targeted marketing campaigns for each group. This helps optimize marketing spend and improves conversion rates.
  3. Optimize your loyalty program: Leverage loyalty point data to identify high-value customers and offer them exclusive deals, upgrades, or promotions. This encourages repeat business and increases customer lifetime value.
  4. Forecast demand: Analyze historical booking data to identify trends and predict future demand for specific destinations or vacation packages. Use these insights to adjust pricing, inventory, or promotions.

Today, airline marketers face the challenge of understanding and predicting users' preferences while ensuring that their offers remain relevant and competitive. This difficulty arises from the lack of accurate data integration and analysis. 

But with the help of Census and Adviso, a leading strategic consulting firm that leverages data to assist top-level executives in optimizing and personalizing customer relationships and experiences, you can tailor your users’ experience to turn their initial acquisition into loyalty. 

To start optimizing vacation packages, you’ll need these customer fields:

Field Name Description
user_id Unique identifier for each user
email User's email address
age User's age
country User's country of residence
booking_history User's past booking transactions
travel_frequency Number of trips taken by the user per year
loyalty_points User's accumulated loyalty points
destination_pref User's preferred travel destinations
travel_budget User's average travel budget
vacation_package User's most recently viewed package

Use Case

Let's consider a hypothetical airline called Skyward Airlines that wants to optimize its vacation packages by sending its BigQuery data to Google Analytics.

Skyward Airlines offers various vacation packages to cater to a wide range of customers. However, they have noticed a recent stagnation in sales and want to re-engage customers by personalizing the packages and promotions. Their goal is to increase bookings and customer satisfaction. Here’s an example of how they’d do that.

Step 1: Connect BigQuery to Census

Skyward Airlines has already stored customer data in BigQuery. They connect their BigQuery data source to Census, which will facilitate the data transfer and synchronization process.

Step 2: Link Google Analytics account to Census

Next, they link their Google Analytics account to Census, allowing them to analyze and leverage user data for optimization purposes.

Step 3: Sync customer fields

Skyward Airlines syncs the 10 customer fields mentioned earlier (user_id, email, age, country, booking_history, travel_frequency, loyalty_points, destination_pref, travel_budget, and vacation_package) from BigQuery to Google Analytics using Census.

Step 4: Create segments in Google Analytics

Using the synced data, Skyward Airlines creates various customer segments in Google Analytics. For example, they create segments based on travel frequency (frequent, moderate, and occasional travelers), destination preferences (beach, city, or adventure destinations), and budget levels (budget, mid-range, and luxury travelers).

Step 5: Analyze user behavior and preferences

Skyward Airlines analyzes the behavior and preferences of each segment to better understand what types of vacation packages and promotions are likely to appeal to them. They find that frequent travelers with high loyalty points prefer luxury packages, while occasional travelers lean towards budget-friendly deals.

Step 6: Implement changes and track performance

Based on their findings, Skyward Airlines customizes their vacation packages to cater to each segment. They offer exclusive luxury deals to frequent travelers with high loyalty points and provide affordable, value-driven packages to occasional travelers. They also tailor marketing campaigns to showcase relevant packages to the right audience.

What's Next?

Once you've successfully optimized vacation packages, explore additional data-driven use cases to help achieve your marketing goals:

  1. Dynamic pricing: Use customer insights to implement dynamic pricing strategies, increasing revenue and competitiveness.
  2. A/B testing: Experiment with different package variations and measure their impact on conversions to refine your offers continuously.
  3. Customer retention: Analyze customer data to identify at-risk customers and create targeted campaigns to prevent churn.
  4. Cross-selling and upselling: Leverage user data to identify opportunities for cross-selling or upselling, increasing average transaction value and customer lifetime value.

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