Census Use Case

Improve Customer Support Productivity: Providing a Full View of Customers, All in One Place

Learn how to use Census to sync your Customer 360 attribute data to your CS platform, increasing your Customer Support Representatives’ productivity by including all relevant data in a single support platform.


With information on customers scattered across support tools, CRMs, product analytics, and more, Support Representatives and CSMs often feel the pain of referencing several data sources to get a full view of their customers. This reduces their productivity and can negatively impact the customer experience.

Even with the best reps in town, your Support KPIs can take a hit. By enriching the account objects with subscription information, billing status, product usage data, and more, you can keep your team in one tab, reduce time to response and time to resolution, and ensure the agents have the data they need to provide a more meaningful customer interaction.

With this full picture of your customers available in one place, you can:

  • Quickly identify who you are speaking with
  • Prioritize ticket handling based on segment, lifecycle, health score, etc.
  • Reduce the number of back-and-forth cycles before reaching a resolution
  • Create an informed and positive customer interaction
  • Drive CSAT and NPS
  • Increase support agent productivity, enabling them to handle more tickets
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Unify siloed data into a customer profile that stays in sync across all tools

Use Case

Your Customer Support Representatives spend most of their time working in Zendesk. When a new ticket is opened by a user, there are a lot of questions to answer before they can begin solving the issue.

Is this user associated with a company account? What subscription tier are they on? Have they logged into our application in the last month? How long have they been a user? Where are they on the customer journey?  What’s their health score? Who’s the CSM or AE assigned to the account?

They probably need to check HubSpot, Mixpanel, and maybe even Stripe before working on the resolution.

Once you know the answers your Support Team will need in the process of resolving a support issue, you should sync those fields from your data warehouse into Zendesk. The next time a support ticket comes in, your reps will be empowered to dive right into the best solution for your customer, backed by product usage data, billing data, and more.

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