Sync Snowflake to Hubspot

Sync all of your internal customer data to Hubspot to create hyper-targeted lists and send personalized messages

Hyper-Targeted Ad Audiences
Personalized Email Campaigns
360° Customer Profile

Integration in Three Steps

Step 1. Connect Snowflake and Hubspot

Connect your tools with standard API and ODBC credentials in an intuitive interface. Need to add team members? There are no limits on account users.

Step 2. Write a SQL Statement

Select the records you want to sync from Snowflake to Hubspot. Census will match records based on the unique identifier you provide (like email or ID)

Step 3. Schedule your Sync

Choose your sync frequency with options to transfer data continuously, on a schedule, or triggered via our API.

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Syncing To Hubspot

Hubspot's sales and marketing tools help companies build, scale, and manage their inbound marketing efforts. With Hubspot, companies can manage the full lifecycle of leads, from the content that attracts them to executing and tracking their customer success playbooks.

Census can write data to Hubspot from most popular data warehouses.