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Build Campaigns and Audiences from in-product activity

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Integration in Three Steps

Step 1. Connect Looker and Mailchimp

Connect your tools with standard API and ODBC credentials in an intuitive interface. Need to add team members? There are no limits on account users.

Step 2. Write a SQL Statement

Select the records you want to sync from Looker to Mailchimp. Census will match records based on the unique identifier you provide (like email or ID)

Step 3. Schedule your Sync

Choose your sync frequency with options to transfer data continuously, on a schedule, or triggered via our API.

Syncing to Census from multiple sources, showing SQL language.

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Syncing to Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a suite of marketing, messaging, and web tools for digital marketing and ecommerce

Census can write data to Mailchimp from most popular data warehouses.

From your data warehouse to your favorite apps. Without code or engineers.

Start using Census today by booking a demo with one of our experts.

Illustration of a data stack from multiple data sources.