How Guru saved its team 8 hours per week with Census

With Jamey Harman, Senior Analyst, Business Operations & Analytics

Before Census, Guru Technologies was limited by the size of their Business Operations & Analytics team. Every team wanted to make smart, data-driven decisions, but analysts could only generate so many custom reports in a week. Census helped that small team accomplish more — putting actionable data directly in front of reps, and streamlining their day-to-day operations.

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Guru Technologies helps companies organize and streamline information. Today’s workplaces have a wealth of different knowledge-sharing platforms: email, Slack, intranet sites, Google Drive. Guru brings information from all of those platforms together so that employees can find it right away.

  1. Customer Success Managers have immediate access to the data and metrics they need without leaving Salesforce.

  2. Automated syncs to Google Sheets save the Business Operations & Analytics team 8 hours per week on routine data tasks.

  3. Fewer data requests are sent to Data Engineers because the Business Operations & Analytics team can self-serve with Census.

"Census makes data a lot more accessible. Reps want to have the data they need immediately to be able to act on it. Now they can actually do that."

Jamey Harman,  Senior Analyst, Business Operations & Analytics

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